ar design BMW 535i / 640i N55 F-Chassis 4" Hi-Flo™ Catless Downpipes

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    We are thilled to present our new F-chassis Hi-Flo™ Catless downpipe for the BMW N55 engine! In addition to an intoxicating and exotic sound, these downpipes add significant power and help eliminate turbo lag!

    Fitment for the following cars:

    • F06 640i Gran Coupé
    • F10 535i Sedan
    • F12 640i Convertible
    • F13 640i Coupe

    Our Hi-Flo™ 4" Catless Resonated Downpipes Feature:

    • Typical gains with tuning in the 20+whp range!
    • 100% hand crafted in the USA from premium 304 Stainless Steel - flanges and O2 bungs included!
    • CNC'd 304 Stainless V-Band flange.
    • 100% TIG welded, argon back-purged.
    • Available with a 2000°F ceramic coating. Coatings come with a 3 year warranty against corrosion and rust to original owner.
    • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects given to original owner.
    • We do NOT grind/polish our welds as some other manufacturers do. Grinding welds compromises the strength of the weld, and can lead to weld failure! Especially critical in applications exposed to temperatures in excess of 1200°F. Such temperatures will  also rapidly deteriorate the polished finish.

    More information on our Ceramic Coatings

    The coatings we offer are capable of withstanding temperatures of 2000°F. In addition they offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and possesses excellent thermal barrier characteristics, providing a dramatic reduction in radiated heat. This means reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the downpipes.

    Ceramics stand above all other thermal barrier coatings currently being used in combustion chambers. Ceramics have characteristics shared by no other product, providing an unrivaled layer of thermal protection to piston tops, aluminum heads, stainless, iconel and titanium valves. Ceramics "move" heat, reducing detonation and increasing the effective oxidation of fuel. When polished, it provides a highly reflective surface that further aids in improved flame travel. Unlike previous ceramic coatings, ours is not subject to cracking and flaking, which can lead to extensive engine damage. In fact, Ceramic coatings actually strengthen the coated part. The cured "Cermet" provides a cap of material that can withstand far more heat. During testing when sufficient heat was applied to a piston to melt the aluminum, the Ceramic did not melt, rather it held the softer aluminum together.

    The Satin Ceramic Exhaust Coatings we offer are the most advanced exhaust system coatings available. They are a very durable ceramic-reinforced coating available in various shades. When properly applied, it becomes the most effective thermal barrier coating available, increasing performance while extending component life, and has been tested to over 2000°F without lifting, cracking or flaking

    2000°F coatings are available in the following colors:

    Satin Silver Satin Black

    Ceramic Satin Silver Coating

    Ceramic Satin Black Coating

    Please add 2-3 weeks to delivery time for coated downpipes, or call to see if we have your choice of color available in stock.